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        Flir i7 Infrared Camera

Infrared - Thermographic Imaging


use an infrared camera on all of our inspections at no additional costs - for free!

An inferred or thermal imaging camera is a device that forms images or a picture using infrared radiation which detects temperature via wavelengths; which gives us a "temperature picture" of whatever it's pointed at.

The advantages of this technology when applied to a home inspection are limitless..

It can show an inspector, at a glance high temperatures in electrical systems:

Infrared photo of breaker box.

Photograph of breaker box .

Here we were able to see that the circled breakers, to the water heater, are overheated.  The temperature indicator at the bottom of the Infrared images shows that the rise in temperature is less than a 5° difference which is undetectable to human touch.  This needs further evaluation by a licensed electrician as it may pose a fire hazard.

In detecting water leaks and possible damage:

Infrared photo of a tray ceiling.

Photograph of the tray ceiling.

This thermal images shows a water leak in the ceiling; this is known because the areas of dark blue and purple are colder than the surrounding orange areas of the ceiling.  While extensive testing with a moisture meter would also reveal this, a moisture meter only tests an area of a few inches at a time, requiring a user to test every surface of a home, where the infrared camera can show results over a much larger area.

While other inspectors charge as much as $75 for use of an infrared camera during an inspection, it is included in ours because along with our camera and images comes an inspector with over five hours of thermal imaging instruction on how to properly use a thermal camera in a home inspection, to diagnose images and determine the causes and recommendations in each instance.

InterNACHI's John McKenna describes all the advantages of having a home inspected by Infrared-Certified inspector.



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