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Having a home inspection by a trained professional when you are buying a home can help to uncover potentially serious and expensive problems.

The identification of these problems by a trained professional and the information gained through a home inspection is useful for both buyers and sellers in getting potential problems corrected.  For realtors a home inspection reduces the possibility of costly mistakes being made or overlooked, thus minimizing real estate errors and omissions claims.

A home inspection preformed by East Oahu Home Inspections includes the evaluation of the home's:

•  Structural system (foundation and framing)

•  Roofing

•  Interior & Exterior

•  Plumbing

•  Electrical system

•  Insulation & Ventilation

•  Appliances

The final report is a comprehensive and detailed description of the home.  Our reports are published with Horizon, electronic report writing, the most advanced report writing system in the Home Inspection profession.  Reports include digital photographs that are taken of the home and pertinent photos are included in the report along with descriptions.  The report includes:

•  A bottom line overview of the main problems found.

•  Recommended actions to take and cost estimates.

•   An emailed copy of the report.

•  Access to the report online, which includes links to

   more in depth descriptions of the conditions found.

You can view a sample report from Horizon here.

We also offer:

•  A free telephone consultation after the inspection

   has been preformed and the report has been


In addition to this, we can provide you with a digital CD containing a copy of your report and all digital photos taken of the home, at a small additional cost.

At East Oahu Home inspections, we know that we are providing you with a comprehensive, professional inspection which follows the industry standards and guidelines. Our inspector is certified as well as being insured and bonded.  Because of this we are able to offer  you a customer satisfaction guarantee.












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